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Lab Grading Rubric Lab Safety agreement Lab Safety
Lab Safety PPT Lab Safety Document

Glassware Video

Lab Safety rap video

Safety Dance

Chemistry version of safety dance

Lab Safety Game

Equipment Scavenger Hunt - Glassware

Basic Lab equipment


Lab Equipment Practice Quiz on-line

Density Density of Unknown
% O in Air Lab Simple distillation       PPT Intro Chromatography  and  Radial Chromatography

Intro lab - Separation mixture and solution

Bunsen Burner

Bunsen Burner Thermocoupler

Classification of the elements

% water in a hydrate Metals with multiple oxidation #'s Average atomic mass
Heat of fusion of water Chromatography Labs Solubility of a Salt

Solubility of a Salt      Honors version

Charles Law Production (synthesis) of Magnesium Oxide Decomposition of Potassium Chlorate
  Specific Heat Properties of elements
Periodic Table Project Shapes of molecules LAB  
    Magnetic Properties of Matter - filling order
Spectral analysis of gaseous emissions Flame Test Observations Lab
Colligative Property

 BP elevation

Stoichiometry and Limiting Reagents Acids and bases


Atomic Theory  Worksheet Packet  Periodic table  PT Worksheet PACKET
notes packet
Naming Compounds
Bonding PACKET Mole Packet Balancing Equations, Types of reactions, and Stoichiometry
Thermodynamics packet GASES WORKSHEET PACKET Solutions packet
Equilibrium Packet Acids, Bases, Salts (ABS) worksheet packet  Electrochem REDOX PACKET
Nuclear Packet   Organic PACKET
Organic packet
Organic tutorial