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I post assignments weeks in advance here as a way of "Pre-planning" ... however they will get moved around depending on what we get to in class.


November 2021

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Election Day
Superintendant's Conference Day

Early Learning Center

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Veterans Day

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Thanksgiving Break

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October 2021

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Class notes:  Dalton, Thompson, Goldstein, Rutherford

HW:  P 4+5 Atomic Theory PACKET

Cathode ray tube VIDEO

Bending light in CRT  VIDEO

What are atoms? 

Democritus' Atom

Atoms to elements, molecules to compounds - video (Dalton too)

What is an atom?

Atomic Structure  Study Cards


Atomic theory PPT

Dalton's Theorems APPLET

Dalton Biography

Thompson and Rutherford - Tutorial

***Rutherford's Gold Foil Experiment JAVA

Rutherford - biography of his work + life


3 4

class notes:  Review Heating curve quiz, review p 4+5, begin atomic structure with protons, electrons, and neutrons

Rutherford's Gold Foil ExperimentJAVA

Cathode ray Tube experiment



Basic Atomic Structure - Atoms and Ions - Tutorial

NOTES - Atoms and Ions

NOTES - electrons in atoms

Atoms and Ions PPT

Structure of the atom


Makeup of atoms FLASH CARDS

Review of Atomic Theory

Atomic Theory Review

Atomic Theory Quiz - on line

Atomic Theory Interactive Quiz

Atomic Theory Study guide (3 pages .)


class notes:  Review Atomic Theory (Dalton, Thomson, Rutherford), what happens if you change # protons (Atomic #), # neutrons (Isotope), # electrons (ion).  Atomic notation.  Weighted average = atomic mass on PT

HW: p 6+7 Atomic Theory PACKET

Atomic Theory Honors PPT

Review: Structure and Theory

Atomic Structure JEOPARDY

All about atoms - on line quiz

Atomic models on line quiz

Atoms Millionaire Game

Isotopes and atomic structure on line quiz

Atomic structure HANGMAN 



Atomic structure review Quiz

Atomic #'s review #1 Quiz

Atomic # review #2 fill in table

Atomic structure notes



Class Notes: Review atomic theory - Quiz on Atomic Theory.  Ion and Isotope practice .. review HW.



Class Notes:  Weighted average atomic mass,  electron configuration adn its relationship to placement on the PT, Max # e per energy level, Bohr model of the atom, electron dot diagrams.

HW:  p 8+12 Atomic Theory PACKET

Atomic Structure and electron filling (configuration)

Analyzing the Bohr Model WKST

Bohr orbitals Khan video

Atomic orbitals - tutorial and pictures

Electron configuration review quiz


Khan Academy Spectroscopy videos


Atoms Rosengarten Music Video

Mr. Rosengarten - ground state vs. excited state electrons VIDEO


Quiz Atomic Theory

class notes: Review p,e,n and weighted average

HW:  Particle diagrams lab and isotopes lab on our Google Classroom


Flame Test Lab
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class notes:  Intro to spectroscopy

Spectroscopy Video tutorial

Spectroscopy PPT

Spectral lines demo video

Light Waves WEBQUEST

Electron Configuration and Spectroscopy PPT

Emission and absorption spectra of all elements

Notes on Quantum Theory


Element ID and emission spectra + flame test JAVA 

Emission and absorption spectra of all elements



class notes: Review Paper Labs and Chap 3 for exam tomorrow

TEST Chap 3

Class notes:  Review exam chap 3.  Start Spectroscopy lab

Spectrsocopy Lab

Spectroscopy DATA SHEET ALL


PEP Rally.  Shortened periods! (Weather permitting).   Bleachers

Per 1   0720-0755
Per 2   0758-0833
Per 3   0836-0911
Per 4   0914-0949
Per 5   0952-1027
Per 6   1030-1105
Per 7   1108-1143
Per 8   1146-1221
Per 9   1224-1259
Rally    1300-1402
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class notes:  Wavelength, frequency, Energy, speed of light constant, Planck's constant.  c = f * l
E = H * f.  Relationship between frequency (f) and wavelength (l) and Energy (E) and frequency (f).
Continue Specrroscopy lab.

Spectrsocopy Lab

Spectroscopy DATA SHEET ALL


Class notes:  Inverse vs direct relationships between f, l, E.  What causes the finerprint spectrum adn why are they different for each element.  AM vs FM


Class Notes:  Finish Spectroscopy Lab.  Lab Safety.  Begin Chapter 4 (Periodic Table)

Our class lab is getting there ... no gas or hood yet, but getting close so we will do the safety info.

Lab Safety:
1) Lab Safety Contract
2) Lab Safety Power Point a) Samantha Perri student version b) Textbook version

Lab equipment
Lab Equipment Scavenger Hunt

Periodic Table


 PT Worksheet  



Elements Song Feel free to sing along

PT and pictures of elements

Uses of the elements - pictures

Periodic Trends - Tutorial

History of the Periodic table+ links

More links and helpful sites on "Web Sites of Interest" page

LOTS of PT "stuff"


History of Periodic Table PPT

Arrangement on Periodic Table PPT

NOTES - Periodic Table

Periodic Table    Color     B+W       blank

Periodic Table Adventure and history


Trends on Periodic Table PPT

Periodic Table

Atomic radius and shielding notes

Periodic Trends Explained

Table trends, people and organization outline

 Periodic Table

Khan Video - Groups on the Periodic Table

Video tour of the PT


Periodic Table PPTs



Trends on PT radius.ppt


24 25 26

Periodic Table ProjectIdea write-up for  Periodic Table Project

Phase transition temperatures- applet

Periodic Table

Periodic Table examples - shockwave file

Periodic Table applets periodic puzzles

periodic trends - atomic radius movie

atomic radius - flash movie

ionic radius trends shockwave file

periodic properties metallic character - movie

periodic properties oxidation states- movie

Phase transition temperatures- applet

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The Science Behind Halloween

September 2021

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
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Register for CK-12 on line resources

Chemsitry Course Expectations - Sign and return

Complete and return Student Information Sheet

*** We will be putting labs on hold for a bit until our classroom is finished.  Please be patient.  The construction team and school staff are working very hard to get our remodeled room up and going!  When ready, we will take a step back and do the lab introduction and safety lecture***

"The Map of Chemistry" Video

Branches of Chemistry - video

6 Chemical Reactions that changes history - video


Significant Digits Handout (atlantic and pacific)

Significant digits  Significant Digit Tutorial

Significant digit review                           on-line applet review quiz

Significant Figure Quiz - on line

Significant figures

Rev's Scientific Notation PPT

Scientific notation review and  self test

 Scientific notation

PRACTICE make perfect

Math review and Metrics quiz on-line

Counting Sig Figs practice quiz on-line

Sig Fig Practice

Scientific Notation Practice

Self Quiz 1


12 13

Class Notes:  Significant figures.  Multiplying and dividing with significant figures

HW: Measurement Packet page 4 # 1-25 ODD


Notes:  Review significant figures.  Mult/divide, add/subt in significant figures.  Scientific notation to regular notation and back.  Begin types of measuremnts.

HW: Measurement Packet page 9 ODD # questions.

QUIZ TOMORROW .. Significant figures, math with sig figs, scientific notation.


Helpful conversions below

Common Metric Prefixes

Unit Multiples







-- (base unit)








English Conversions

1 ft = 12 in  

1 tbsp = 3 tsp    

1 lb = 16 oz   

1 yd = 3 ft = 36 in                   

1 oz = 2 tbsp = 6 tsp =1/8cup               

1  ton = 2000 lb

1 mi = 5280 ft              

1 pt = 16 oz = 2cup                             

1 gal = 4 qt = 8 pt = 16 cup = 96 oz

English to Metric

1 liter = 1.0567 qt

1 kg = 2.2046 lbs

1 lb = 453.59g

1 gal = 3.7854 L

CONVERSION LINK ... everything English to metric


Yom Kippur

Class Notes:  FLM (Factor Label Method) / Dimensional Analysis

HW: Measurement Packet page 13 # 1-5, and 12.  page 14 all.  Show ALL work using the Factor Label Method!  refer to conversions on 9/15 calendar for help.


Dimentional Analysis

YOUTUBE Dimentional Analysis

Additional Factor Label problems

19 20

Class Notes:  Review Factor Label Method, scientific notation, significant figures.

QUIZ Tomorrow!!!

you will need to know conversions within the metric and within the English system (See 9/15 on calendar above).  I will give you English to metric conversions.

Class Notes:  FLM Quiz, Solids, liquids, gasses (Properties and molecular motion), matter definition, homogeneous vs heterogeneous, atoms and elements.

Elements and Atoms - KHAN ACADEMY

Elements vs. Compounds vs. Mixtures

Classifying Matter Quiz - on line


Class Notes:  Physical vs Chemical properties.

HW:  Textbook page 19 # 8-13 (Show ALL Work)


Density picture and the big PEPSI vs. Diet PEPSI caper

VIDEO Coke Vs. Diet coke explanation

Physical Chemical property SONG

Interactive review - Physical vs. Chemical properties and change

Video review of physical vs. chemical change

Quia Quiz - Physical vs. Chemical change and properties

Iron and Sulfur Chemical Change

Giant Koosh ball in liquid Nitrogen Physical Change

Change Physical and chemical video

Physical vs. Chemical change tutorial video

Change video


TEST MONDAY Chapter 1 + 2 parts we did

Class Notes:  HW review.  Density (He vs Air when talking), Accuracy vs Precision, % error.

HW:  Density Packet Pages 1+2 # 1-8. 

TEST MONDAY Chapter 1+2 parts we did

class notes: REVIEW: chemical and physical changes, s,l,g symbols, density and math with FLM, homogeneous vs heterogeneous

Pulling IRON out of cereal Demo - video  The experimental steps

Classifying Matter Quiz - on line

Classification of matter VIDEO

Mixtures, elements, compounds on-line quiz


The Kelvin Scale worksheet



Density Lab#1 DUE (labs soon!)

LAB - Temperature of the Bunsen Burner Flame

Use of a Thermocoupler
wire (soon)

TEST Chapter 1+ parts of 2 we did.

class notes:  Potenital vs. Kinetic Energy.  Heating curve.  S, S+L, L, L+G, G

class notes:  Heating curve .. draw and explain
S, S+L, L, L+G, G.  Cooloing curve.  why not linear???

HW:  Complete Heating curve worksheet.  You can print it out or just answer in your notebook. 


class notes:  Heating curve.  Potential vs. Kinetic Energy.  Why S-L line is shorter than L-G line.  Temp=average KE.  Go over HW's and go over test chap 1+ parts of 2.

QUIZ very soon on heating curves!

class notes: Heating Curve Quiz.  Begin Chapter 3 Atomic Theory.  Democritus, Dalton, (Ben Franklin)

Virtual Parent Night.  Parents log on using your log on info onto our google classroom.

Parent Letter

Meet Link: (click)  You must sign in with student account to access MCSD Google Classroom.

Chemsitry Course Expectations

Elements and Atoms - KHAN ACADEMY

Elements vs. Compounds vs. Mixtures

Sulfuric acid and sugar demo chemical change VIDEO